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Creations JCT Inc. Can also animate your events for you. Our trained professional team members will certainly contribute in making your special occasion a definite success.
If you have a mascot waiting to be brought to life, we have the performers for you. If you are in the greater Montreal and Quebec area, in the greater Toronto and Ottawa area or even in certain parts of the United States, we have the qualified personnel to help make your event unforgettable.
Ask us and try out our animation service! We have the best performers in the business and we are certain that you will book them again for your next occasions!




Does your mascot need repair? If so, send it to us and our talented team of seamstresses will take care of everything.
Send us your mascot in order for us to make a complete examination of the repairs that need to be done. We will then provide you with a complete report detailing the necessary repairs as well as the cost for the work. It will be entirely up to you to decide what you wish for us to repair and we will be more than happy to do so.
We will not proceed to any of the repairs without first receiving your written consent.




Pamper your mascot and give it the appropriate care. Creations JCT Inc. offers a specialized maintenance service.
Send us your mascot and our qualified team will make it sparkling clean. The body, head, arms and all the other body parts will be cleaned. Nothing will be left out. Remember, by having the mascot maintained on a regular basis you contribute to its longevity. We will also take care of any minor repairs and this, at no extra charge.
Your mascot will be cleaned, brushed and completely disinfected.
A fresh smelling mascot is certain to attract lots of hugs and kisses from everyone!