Mascottes | Creating and Fabricating

Creating and Fabricating

Since 1983, Creations JCT Inc. has been bringing to life many mascots throughout the world. However complex the request may be, we will do all that we can to find solutions which best fit your requirements. You talk, we listen.

Pour créer une mascotte sur mesure, Créations JCT Inc. utilise des logiciels de 3D qui permettent de réaliser les plus belles mascottes. Que celles-ci soient simples ou avec des normes graphiques complexes, nous pouvons, grâce à nos procédés avangardistes, fabriquer toutes sorte de mascottes.

Without a doubt, our costumes meet the highest standards of performance and quality on the market. They are light, flexible, washable but overall durable. These are very important elements not only for the costume itself but also for the person who will be wearing it. The mascot performer must be comfortable in order to perform for the fans, for the crowds and for the companies he may be representing.

The materials and fabrics we use are of the finest quality. We use special foam for the head structure, which enables the sweat to be evacuated quickly out of the costume. The head can make a 180-degree rotation. As for the eyes, we use plastic forming, which makes a 360-degree rotation possible for the pupils. The colours for the eyes may also be chosen in order to match the costume.


For each client, we will personalize and create a unique character according to their imagination, budget, field and preferences. If you already have a drawing, we will be more than happy to suggest any necessary adjustments in order to make it the most comfortable for the performer wearing the costume. Only your imagination will set the boundaries for us! Whether you wish for a fictional, human or animal character… the sky is the limit!